Spread with Ease Offer

Welcome to 2016 our year of spreading.

At the global 31st night service, the man of God Pastor Chris by the spirit declared the year 2016 as ‘Our Year of Spreading’. Three important things he told us to note this year were:

    1.The Spreading of the message of God and our ministry.

    2.An unstoppable increase in all directions in our lives.

    3.The growth and dominion of the word in us.

Having these three important things in mind and as the year has already begun; our spreading, expansion and increase cannot be stopped. The Christ Embassy Digital Media Store is here to guarantee the fulfillment of the word in you; for this reason, we have launched a special campaign that would help you accelerate the growth and dominion of the word of God in your life. Participating in this campaign means you will get a minimum of 17% discount when you signup to buy a minimum of 20 inspiring messages from our store this year.

We have created several vouchers that you can purchase from our store which you can use to select your choice titles from a wide range of topics such as Healing and Health, Faith, The Person of Jesus, Prayer, Christian maturity, Prosperity and Finance e.t.c that meets your specific need. This campaign is your toolkit for the growth and dominion of the word of God in your life and circumstances this year.

It is the will of God for us to be successful and only the word of God is able to make us wise. Therefore, we must have our mind dominated by the word of God this year.

This campaign enables you to have a strategic plan that would nourish your spiritual life all through the year despite your busy schedule.

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