How To Shine



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How To Shine by Pastor Chris. This is a special message from God to you at this time. But how do you arise, and how do you shine? Pastor Chris shows you just how in this power-packed teaching, a must-have for anyone who wants to know exactly what to do to arise and shine. In it, Pastor Chris shares with you simple, powerful and practicable steps you must take to shine forth with the full radiance of God's glory. You will learn:

·What happens in your spirit when you proclaim God's Word

·How to build yourself strong from within

·What to do for the glory of God to rise in your spirit

·What to do to shine forth with that glory

Get ready to receive anointed teaching of God's Word that will impart wisdom and revelation to you, pilot you upward and forward, and cause you to shine brilliantly in every area of your life! Get How To Shine today by Pastor Chris today.