Energizing Your Spirit for Victory



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Energizing your spirit for victory by Pastor Chris.
"What is it to be full of the Holy Spirit and live in the reality of that fullness?" "How can you receive knowledge of something you don't know, when it seems such knowledge is unavailable?" "What do you do when you need to remember something you've forgotten?" "How do you energize yourself from within for victory in life at every count?" "What are the things you must do to get yourself filled with the Spirit, and how can you be filled with the Holy Spirit all the time?"
Find out the answers to these and more in this power packed teaching as Pastor Chris takes you through the practical steps in the word you must take in order to activate the power of the Spirit to produce success and victory in your life. You will discover the awesome advantages of speaking in other tongues and be inspired to engage in this spiritual exercise more than ever before to change your world and everything about you! Get Energizing your spirit for victory by Pastor Chris today.